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Rašica quarry 28.8.2012

There's a quarry near where I live, at Rašica hill. It's been abandoned for many years now and path to it has almost gone. Although the quarry can be clearly seen from almost any location in range it's hard to get there, because the path is hidden in forest and even people who live there mostly don't know where it goes. Well, that's only the beginning of the path, later it gets wider and easy to follow. When you get to the quarry, your first impression is probably "Wow, this is way bigger than I though!" While it looks small from a distance, and it's tiny compared to other quarries, when you get there and see it, it's probably at least twice as big as you imagined.

I've wanted to go there and make some photos for over a year, but somehow I never did that. Whether there wasn't the right weather (those rocks can be really dangerous when they're wet), I haven't had enough time, or maybe I was just too lazy. I wanted to be there around noon on a sunny day, with my bike, and for at least 4 hours to explore and to take photos.

I left my house at about 10 o'clock in the morning because I went to the top of Rašica hill and took some photos there firs. I found an interesting ball of dried moss and thorny tendrils on one of the rocks around the path (first two photos) and I also took some other photos there. Then I drove to the bottom of the hill, where path to the quarry starts. I got there in no time. I wasn't there for a first time, yet I was still impressed when I saw it. I took some photos here and there as I followed the path to the top of the quarry (you can see the path on the eighth photo). But suddenly, the path ended with a scree and I had to carry my bike over it. Yeah, it's fun to walk with heavy bike over the scree, especially when it ends less than two metres away with a cliff. Luckily there was forest path on the other side of the scree so I decided to leave my bike there and go to the top without my equipment. I haven't took any photos of that part because I was too busy keeping myself from falling. There was rather a nice place on the top of the quarry and I took a couple of photos there. Unfortunately when I looked at them I realised I should get myself a 3D camera for that because these flat photos just can't show how high it is and how steep cliffs are there.