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Videobox display methods

Direct player

Direct player is the most basic display method. All it does is insert an iframe with the video. It can also be configured to start playing automatically (one per page).

&display=`player` (single video only)

Therion - Symphony No. 9

Supported parameters

&autoPlay boolean; determines whether to start playing automatically


&display=`box` (single video only)

Therion - Symphony No. 9 Therion - Symphony No. 9 Box display is a great way to insert videos without sacrificing a lot of space for the player. That way it makes your articles straight to the point without unnecessary distractions while keeping the videos right where they belong to. Rather than the huge full-size video player taking up space and distracting the reader, the box display only shows a small video thumbnail with an optional title. When user clicks the thumbnail, the video opens in a lightbox player, or in an inline player. The box element itself behaves just like the photos in your article - you can set it to float to the left or to the right, center it with margin: 0 auto; or apply any other CSS styling to it.

You can use &class=`vb_play_button` parameter to display a play button over the thumbnail


Slider displays thumbnails just like the gallery. However, unlike the gallery it includes all videos on a single page and wraps them inside a carousel. That way users can scroll through all videos without reloading the page each time.

&display=`slider` (only works with multiple videos)

Supported parameters

&move string; how many thumbnails should be scrolled - singe or all